Welcome to the Scavenger Orion World

Take advantage of our artygeeks token gated service that rewards you with lots of exclusively valuable content and Game events.

Exciting Worlds

Immerse yourself in a colored world, teeming with hidden secrets hidden in secluded mountain peaks, trees, or marshes. Every environment provides a variety of optional quests, intriguing obstacles, and hidden hazards.


tern marsh

A village


hourglass fort

Exciting Characters

The Scavenger Orion Game has many empathic Characters, that are waiting to see you.

Minting Rewards:

Right after you purchase an NFT from my ARTYGEEKS collection, you'll get access to these exciting benefits.


Download the epic Mac and Windows Action RPG

The Game lets the player interact with numerous characters, experience an awesome world, participate in exciting battles, collect a variety of items, and more.


Access ARTYGEEKS NFT Ranking Website

By accessing the ranking system you can see how valuable your NFT character is.


Access Web AR Treasury Detector

With the Treasury Detector you can open valuable treasure chests in the game via augmented reality.


Access to Partner Tools Network

You will get access to valuable experiences I made with various very innovative tools related to Web3 (Blockchain Concept). When I use tools from companies that have helped me a lot, I call them Partner Programs. These valuable experiences can save you days or weeks of work.


Access to private Project Photos

You will get access to exciting private ARTYGEEKS photos.


Access to private Project Videos

You will get access to exciting private ARTYGEEKS videos.

Holding Rewards:

If you keep your purchased ARTYGEEKS NFT for a long time without selling, you will get many more great benefits over time.


Chance to win big Ethereum rewards at In-Game Events

Four days after Mint starts the in-game events. The goal of these events is to find many treasure scrolls hidden in the treasure chests using the Treasury Detector and to register. Every week there are three winners in a raffle.


Download NFT Secrets PDF

In this PDF you will get very valuable information about NFT/Crypto. I have invested more than 1000+ hours to build a broad knowledge. This PDF will save you 1000s of USD.


Access DAO like Platform

The purpose of the coming DAO like platform is for NFT holders to vote on the future of the project.


Rarity Rewards

The rarer your NFT character is, the more rewards you will get in the form of airdrops in the future. That's why it's important to look at the ARTYGEEKS Ranking.


Big Discount on future Collection

You get 50% discount on the future NFT collection (Series 2). The only requirement is, you have to own the collection for at least 3 months. After that period, you can sign up for this discount in a Smart Contract protected form.


Win a physical ARTYGEEKS Merch

As a dedicated NFT Holder, you can win great merch items over time. This is one of the thank you gifts you can win if you support my project over a long time.

Full Roadmap

Here you can find the ARTYGEEKS Roadmap for the following months.

Stage 1

Research and Analysis
  • NFT research and strategic analysis.
  • Learn new skills
  • NFT Project brainstorming
  • First Ideas Tryout

Stage 2

NFT Creation Process
  • Draw character attributes on Procreate App
  • Rarity and Ranking Creation
  • Generative Art Collection Generation
  • NFT Smart Contract deployment

Stage 3

Utility Concept Creation
  • Storyline Creation
  • Action RPG Game Creation
  • Publishing the web-based AR Treasury Detector app.
  • Financial Reward System Creation
  • Create NFT Portal for exclusive Content.

Stage 4

Improve Internet Presence
  • Setup Discord
  • Launch an optimized Website + Blog
  • Start with Twitter Campaign
  • Add Event to NFT Drop Calendars
  • Press Release to Media Outlets

Stage 5

  • Minting 10000 ArtyGeeks NFTs
  • Launch Financial In-Game Events
  • Creating NFT Secrets PDF
  • Creating NFT Holders only DAO like Platform
  • The next stages (6-8) will be announced

Stage 6

Coming Soon

Stage 7

Coming Soon

Stage 8

Coming Soon

Meet the Artist

Noé is dedicated to providing you with a unique and forward-thinking Web3 experience.

Noé Käch


Hello! My name is Noé Käch and I live in Lucerne, Switzerland. I am the creator behind this cool NFT project. Feel free to check out my nft blog to find out why this project has extreme potential.

If you need help, you can join my Discord Server.


In order to deploy this project, I purchased the necessary tools from reputable and innovative companies.

Second: I used my self-taught learning and doing to achieve a very professional quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Noe Käch is dedicated to providing you with a unique and forward-thinking Web3 experience.

Yes, sure. I've done 1000+ hours of research and analysis to uncover these secrets.
I have discovered a large amount of information, I wish that I had known much earlier. With these tips and tricks you can save more than $1000 when creating your NFT project. This PDF guide is not only useful for creating a highly professional NFT project, but also for crypto and NFT trading.

Yes, sure. Go to medium.com/@noe.kaech or to my own Blog URL: blog.scavengerorion.com and you discover many more exciting things.

If you are new to the NFT world and don't know how to buy Ethereum NFTs, you can check out this PDF guide. It will help you:

Yes, sure. Click the button below and you enjoy an immersive 3D Experience.

If you want to enjoy a Museum Video full of positive vibe, click on this video:

The Seller fee is only 5% for this series! That means 95 %; it goes straight to you if you sell your purchased NFTs on secondary marketplaces like opensea, rarible and many others.

The game is related to the concept of Scavengerhunt. The client is given specific instructions about where to search and then follows them. The origin of the Name Orion refers to Greek mythology and has the meaning of a hunter.